Does anyone know if you can use bat to buy brave swag?

i always wanted to know if you can use bat for brave swag

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Yes you can on our official store. Note that you will have to use “on-chain” BAT – that is BAT that is not in Uphold and/or in a verified wallet, as weird is that is. That is temporary though, as in the next few months user should be able to spend BAT of any kind in the store.


i give you something that sounds weird and crazy to. lol
i cant even make a uphold verified wallet because it says anyone who lives in nyc cant do it, when i found this out i went crazy. all these months after months of watching these ads and the time i just wanted to check something to see what i can use with all the BAT i have, so when i tried to make my wallet i get this garbage news, i really wish they made it clear about living in nyc before letting ppl start using brave. and the best part is when i first started to use brave and i had to fill out my name and stuff it asks where i live and said nyc, you would figure that since ppl from nyc cant open a uphold account that be the place they should tell you lol
it says they are working on it to work with nyc, who knows lol
plus iam new to all this stuff, there is so much i feel i should learn about this, i love the browser, i just hope i didnt waste all this time for nothing, but for some reason i think something would be worked out soon so ppl in nyc can open a wallet, i can tip ppl on youtube. it let me do that, i dont have a youtube page or anything like that,
thank you for answering me, btw i just noticed how much i wrote on here lol

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