Does Anyone Know How to Get Rid of the "Show Simplified View" Popup?

Never mind everyone, I’m just going to use a different browser. I suppose this problem isn’t happening enough for it to be addressed, but it is very annoying for me and with the loss of the flags it’s just gotten worse.

Does anyone here know how to make the popup stop appearing? I have unchecked the settings for Simplified View already and it makes no difference. Previously I was able to stop it appearing by using the chrome://flags reader mode fix, but that option is no longer available.

The popup has been appearing more and more frequently and has started staying on the page until I close it. Other times it flashes on the bottom of the screen as I scroll and will follow me, but if I try to close it it disappears until I scroll again.

I am using the most recent Brave on an LG M327 phone.

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