Does anybody receive accumulated BAT after installing V1.22.67?

Hi All,
Just curiosity does anybody receive accumulated BAT after installing V1.22.67 ?
As we all have been waiting several months for fixing the issue. Finally support team has released fix for unsolved issue. I saw that no one has successfully received their BAT to Uphold. Every time when someone posts about the issue to rewards support team, they answer with copy/paste reply and require Wallet ID, Rewards panel settings etc… and closes to topic or asks for DM. I am sick of creating a post and sending DMs to them. Is there any body out there really willing to help all of us or just waiting for us to burn all accumulated coins and uninstall Brave browser ?


it didn’t work, the update didn’t solve the issue i think cause no BAT received in my uphold.

i will not uninstall brave lol. its faster than google chrome, firefpx, ms edge. and brave has many features. I didn’t install brave for the rewards, i install it for privacy.


Hi @elsamtl and @Dek, thanks so much for reporting. The fix helped some users and didn’t help others.

@elsamtl - please see my DM. I sent some steps that would be really helpful for troubleshooting.

@Dek - if your BAT didn’t transfer please DM me your wallet id. Thank you.