Does a gemini wallet link suffice for the referral program or is uphold necessary?

On the help page, it says from June 2020 an uphold wallet link is required to use the referral program.

I haven’t signed up so far because the BAT in my account was not worth the risk of supplying Uphold with KYC data (to me). But I have used the referral link in the past.

Now Gemini I would be more inclined to trust with my data, but will that suffice to be able to use the referral program again? Because if I will need Uphold for that anyway, I don’t see a reason to send Gemini my data.

I ask because it’s not mentioned on the help page and gemini support is rather new itself.

Originally posted in /r/BATProject but removed because apparently it’s a Brave Browser topic.

Then posted in /r/brave_browser/ but didn’t receive any responses in a week.

So I’m trying my luck here.

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Thanks for letting us know @shitcoins. Beginning with the September payout you’ll be able to receive BAT through Gemini with the referral program.


Good to know that Gemini will be supported to receive referral rewards. Will it also be the case for ads rewards?

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