Do you take money?

Do you take money from ANY advertising agency or firm to allow their advertising, like “Adblock” did? I trusted them 100%and I am now cynical about claims. Before I would think of contributing I’d have to be 100% sure it’s not another “pay to get away with breaking the rules” system. Sorry but in ad blocking and VPN 's both have been proved to be not nonest to the users…

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Absolutely not, thank goodness! Brendan Eich has stated on many occasions that Brave will not be taking any money to let any ads through, and has criticized ad blockers that have done this.

Brave is also completely open source, so you will be able to see if they’re setting exceptions or whitelisting ads somewhere. But it won’t happen, and it doesn’t need to happen since Brave can earn revenue with its new, privacy-respecting and opt-in digital advertising platform: Basic Attention Token.


Thanks for the answer. It’s sad that I have to ask it but you know what has been going on with Adblocks people trusted. I love how Brave splits up what it does, ie how many ads stopped, how many trackers. Its the number of trackers that is spooky… I don’t always hit incognito on Chrome so good to see them stopped. Thanks again for the answers and the prompt response

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