Do websites get user profile info. who sent BAT?

It would be nice to know if a website receives some form of profile info. from a user who sent BAT.
This way, the user could interact with the sites’ contact and say different things like:
“hey, did you get last months BAT?!” or, “i use Brave browser that send BAT, are you familiar with this browser and crypto currency, can it help you?” etc.

Hi @danielson,

I think it’s not possible. Brave Rewards is designed with Anoninize and ZKP that make any contribution to publishers/creators is anonymous.

However, you still able to reach out to them manually (via SNS, email, or else) and saying that you sent some BAT for them.


Not even with an alias?
Probably not, but it would be a nice feeling to know, to receive some form of acknowledgement.
Maybe, an alert (thumbs up icon) when browsing the site again?

We will be releasing a feature that allows you to Tweet the fact that you made a tip or contribution, and a way of officially attesting to this. This will be rolled out in a future upgrade to Brave Rewards.

With our current protocol, this is not possible as it would endanger users’ privacy. At present, your donations/tips all happen behind a “zero knowledge proof” protocol (called ANONIZE2) that mathematically guarantees your privacy and anonymity. (This is different from just having an alias, since if someone found out your alias, they could correlate your browsing history with you, via the history of your donations/tips.)

With our new privacy protocol (called “blind tokens”, coming soon), there will be a way for you to selectively reveal parts of your tipping/contribution history to achieve the kind of effect you’re after here.

Hope that helps!


Sounds good to me! :slight_smile:


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