Do not track header for Android

Is there a reason why Brave on Android does not support the Do not track header? Desktop versions do support it but not the Android version.

I believe this is because our built-in Shields do more to prevent sites from collecting your data than the DNT header does. However, I do feel like we had the option available until recently – I’ve reached out to the Android team to see if anyone knows where that option went (or if I’m crazy and it was never there).

Either way, Shields is doing the work (more than, in fact) that the particular header does. Hope this helps!

Thanks @Mattches. I know that the DNT header is exactly that: A header politely asking the website to do not track me.

However there is a search engine ( that actually uses the header. If the header is present no unique ID will be sent to search servers.

If you have ads/trackers blocked in Shields, you should also not be sending a unique ID. Enabling Fingerprinting protection will also help keep your online presence from being detected:

It’s not the ID I’m sending but rather the one ecosia.or is sending to its search provider Bing. Ecosia will set a cookie when I visit their website. This cookie will store search settings and an ID.

In case their is no DNT header they will send this ID to Bing to personalize (i.e. track) my searches. Is there a DNT header an empty ID will be sent.

I could of course delete cookies on But that would also delete my search settings.

Important: also offers a search setting that will prevent sending an unique ID to Bing even without a DNT header present. However this setting gets broken by the “&addon=opensearch” Brave will add to every search performed in the omnibox.

Do not track is back in 1.4.1 (for Android).