Do not see BAT in my Uphold account after Rewards verification

I connected/verified my Uphold account with my Brave Rewards wallet yesterday. I had 19.25 BAT in my Rewards wallet and still do, but see no way to get them into my Uphold account. Can anyone help? Here is what my Rewards settings screen and Uphold screen look like:


I have the same problem with you @bansh33. I have BAT Rewards on my mobile phone but not reflected on uphold. Already report this matter to @GreenBananaPorridge one of the support team but haven’t got any reply.

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I have the same issue as you, what’s worse, I can see that, there are a lot of brave users who also have a problem with paying BATs from mobile brave browsers. Since July, after verifying the wallet, I don’t have any payments from a mobile browser, and looking at the size of the problem, I think the issue will not be so easy to solve…

same here brother, i have like 15BAT but it doesn’s reflect on my uphold wallet.


Same here…BAT stuck in browser not going to uphold…due to device limit reached as I reinstalled windows multiple times ! SOMEONE HELPPPPP !!!1


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