Do not receive BAT

Good night

I had accumulated 1,34 BAT and I should receive them the 8th of October. They disappeared from my account. I have a Gemini wallet. Where are them?

Yours faithfully


same here it seems there’s a issue with the payout this month.

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I’ve added my mother and my father to Brave, the three of us (five if you consider me and mother use mobile and desktop) didn’t receive a single Satoshi of BAT throughout our devices.

I didn’t find a response from Brave either.

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Is it on Mobile or PC? Is it connected (verified)? Is your Browser Up to date?


This is a payout status update for the Brave Ads payout date beginning on October 7th, 2021.

Brave Ads Payout status:

  • Verified wallets (Uphold): :green_circle: Payments Processing.
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: Claims Available.

Please note that this status update post is for Brave Ads earnings payouts to Brave browser users . This thread is not for creator payouts for tips.


Didn’t receive your payout or only received a portion of it? Here are some things to check first.

  1. Are payouts still processing? Although Brave Ads payout transactions begin on October 7th, it may take several days to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress (see above or below ).
  2. Are you included the payout period? Please note that the payout beginning on October 7th is for Brave Ads earnings throughout September (plus any BAT you’ve accumulated before that). If you only recently enabled Brave Ads (for example, on September 2nd, 2021), you will receive your payout in next month’s payout period.
  3. Is your browser updated? Please make sure that your version of Brave is up to date -
  4. Maybe you received it! If you do not have a verified wallet, you will need to go into your Brave Rewards settings and look for a "Claim your ad earnings now!" button. You must click that button in order to claim your BAT payout. If you do have a verified wallet, your payout will be deposited automatically into your Brave Rewards wallet and Uphold account. Please double-check if it’s there! (Usually, Uphold will send you an e-mail receipt of the payout transaction.)

No payout this month

Hey, I have a verified wallet on uphold and I’ve not recieved my bat in 2 months, how do I fix it?

Same here! The BATs were announed but today there is nothing. No triangle to pull anywhere and nothing in my Gemini account.

When you did start using Brave? Please pass “Date & device”.

I receive my money yet. I imagine there was a delay in the payment

I have received my BAT during the past 2 days. I have 4 devices connected to my UPHOLD wallet and I have receive BAT from each device over about a 40 hour period. I tried recently to connect my other tablet to my Uphold wallet but I only learned then about the 4 device limit. My mind boggles when I think of the problems that upgrading to the new version of WINDOWS 11 is going to cause with these current limits to the UPHOLD wallet.

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