Do NOT enable "Shopping List" Flag with the latest update

For those who twerk arround the experimental flags.

I had enable the new bookmark flags (which worked fine) and shopping list (which never seemed to worked & I just ignored it). Just after the latest update (v1.34.80) the app started to crash whenever I tried to open it. I wasn’t able to figure out why and didn’t wanted to clear data I will lose bookmarks, password, my favourite privacy stats counter (close to 1M) & 10 BAT too. I was waiting for next update.

Then I installed the beta, it was working fine. I enabled all the flags I was used to. I enabled the shopping list (chrome://flags/#shopping-list) without thinking, after relaunching the app got crashed just like the other app, I cleared the data and enabled shopping list again and it happened again.

I don’t know if it’s a known issue. So, I wanted to make other users aware of it.

Hoping devs may fix it so I could continue with my app…

Notice me senpai !!! Just updated the app but still it’s same and I need many passwords which is in that app

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