Do not auto close Private tabs Even after leaving the app

Every major Proper iOS browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, … ,
Retain Private tabs properly Forever, Even after leaving/closing the app,

They just do not leave history After Manually closing the Private tabs,
This is how Private tabs should be, Properly remain open Until Manually closed,
And do not leave history after closing Manually

Please fix this Fatal bug asap, or at least have an Option to change this behavior,

This bug has Prevented me from using this browser Since I first discover it,
And it hasn’t been fixed still now in 2020, unbelievable,
I have to get this bug fixed because this is a quality browser,
But with this Fatal bug I will not use it until it being fixed

iOS 12.4.8 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air 1, I have these devices that are still in use