Do I need to deposit some BAT on my Uphold to get a reward on using Brave?

Every month, I always got notification from the app that it has insufficient balance and needs deposit.
Is this how we get reward?! By depositing BAT to get BAT?
I’m using Brave Browser for 3 months but no rewards or anything. Please comfirm if I need to deposit because my friends telling me they got free without inviting others.

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This mean you have no enough balance to cover your auto-contribution and/or recurring tips.

In short, Brave Rewards is consist of 2 main “features”. The ability to earn BAT via Brave Ads, and the ability to support creators via auto-contribution and tips.

Both is available under brave://rewards.

In order to earn BAT, you need to opt-in to Brave Ads – available for desktop in supported regions.


Sometime there’s a grants that can be claimed. Or maybe they already opt-in to Brave Ads.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

Thank you! I’ll try to use it on desktop!

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