Do I lose my rewards if I don't have verificated wallet?

Hi, I got refused by Gemini to keep open my account (after the KYC passed and the wallet was verified), I don’t wish to open a new wallet in Uphold because I already have more than one crypto wallet (plus I don’t have 15 BAT), this is mean I can’t collect my rewards??
thank you so much if someone can help me to understand it!

Not sure about the Gemini situation other than you might have to try and contact them. For Uphold (and Gemini) you can have 4 devices connected to them. In addition, Uphold only does the 15 BAT if you are on mobile. You need no minimum if you make the account on a PC. After it is created you can then connect that to mobile and bypass that minimum.

These two wallets are the only ones you can choose from at the moment.

thank you for the answer!look ok now!

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