Do I lose my BATs when I upgrade my browser?

Hello I have three questions:

  1. there is no way to pass directly from uphold to paypal?
  2. i have my operating system outdated (mojave 10.14 - macos) it asks me to update the brave browser (and therefore the operating system), then what should i do first pass the “BAT`s” to an account and then update or the other way around… it will save everything that i have the browser updated? (either the bat and everything else)
  3. should I remove the BATs from time to time and start from scratch or let this generate more "BATs" thank you very much and I hope for your prompt response.

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@ric-vjs anything you have received to Uphold will remain there. And since vBAT has gone through sunsetting, you no longer would have any BAT stored in your browser.

In other words, you can upgrade your browser or even erase Brave completely and you will keep all BAT that you have received to Uphold.

No, because PayPal is very restrictive on what cryptocurrency you can have, with BAT not being one of them. You can send your BAT to another crypto wallet or you can sell it through Uphold and have it deposited to your bank account (if you’re in a country with banks supported). Keep in mind there will be fees associated with sending to another wallet outside of Uphold or to a bank account.

Again, you only have BAT if it’s been connected to Uphold. If it’s on Uphold, it doesn’t matter what you do to Brave or your Rewards profile, it won’t go anywhere. If you never linked to Uphold, then you have no BAT…even if your outdated browser says you do. I’m referencing

Not sure what you mean. You will earn BAT only based on what ads are available in your region and are shown to you. You saving BAT or using it up will have absolutely no impact on your earnings.

If you are asking about creating new Rewards profiles, the answer is that you should not do this. Not only could this look suspicious and get accounts flagged, but you also lose out on hidden bonuses that Brave sometimes gives to long-term users.

Probably got perma flagged

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