Do I have to sign up with a wallet provider to take part in ads?

It seems that Brave will not start showing me ads until I sign up with one of their highly invasive wallet “partners”. Is this a new policy or have I missed something?

@bravoguy No, you don’t have to be connected in order to see ads. However, you will need to be connected to earn BAT from ads. Have you enabled Rewards and permitted notifications to be seen?

If you hadn’t heard of the policy about needing to be connected to earn, you can see that at which was released early this year.

And for anyone wondering why you might want to view Rewards ads if you can’t earn BAT, I’ll quickly answer. It would go into what they are calling Creator Support Only state. What this does is generates all BAT that goes to the Creators supported by Brave. They said that the formula for how this works might be shared later, but for now it’s not known and we just have to trust Brave.

Basically, you’d be opted in to help support Brave and Creators. If that sounds good and you want to opt in, go for it. However, if you only want to participate if you can earn for yourself, then you’ll want to get it connected to a custodial partner so you can receive payments. (Or turn it off so you don’t get ad notifications)

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Thanks for your reply. The old system was kind of fun and gave the user a sense of control, but now with all this verification crap, the whole thing has gotten a bit creepy. I (and many others) use Brave for privacy reasons. Linking BAT to a privacy destroying process goes against the philosophy they have been selling up till now. I will never sign up for a “custodial” wallet and will probably just leave ads off now. Blindly trusting them is not a good alternative. I assume many are equally put off by the whole mandatory personal data thing. It’s a shame because it really looked like Brave was onto something with the advertising issue before.

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