Do extensions exist across profiles? Even though I don't see them running, they exist in the Task Manager

Do extensions exist across profiles? Even though I don’t see them running in my “new” profile, they exist in the Task Manager.

I assumed when I created a new profile it would not have any extensions running. They “disappeared” from the extensions tab, they aren’t listed. All good I thought.

And yet, Task Manager has them showing and consuming memory and CPU - and that’s part of the reason I want a new profile, to loose the heavy weight extensions and those helpers running in the back ground when I am in a session that “doesn’t need them”

Even when I restart the browser and go directly into the profile without any extensions showing, the task manager shows them.

Any way to remove / stop / unload those extensions for that profile that doesn’t want them?

Couldn’t they auto enable/disable or something for each profile?

This is likely a Chromium issue, not Brave, but I’m curious and a bit disappointed this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Mac 10.15.7
Brave up-to-date

No, new profile will have a clean, brand new one with default settings and no extensions.

Most likely, it’s Brave’s built in extensions.

Did you check from your OS task manager or from Brave’s Task Manager?

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@eljuno It’s definitely not the built-in extensions… for example I saw LastPass and other things I’d added to my browser myself.

Let me run down what I did:

  • I actually just happened (unrelated) to completely re-install my MAC OS - formatted the disk, installed Big Sur, downloaded Brave - so everything is brand-new
  • started Brave, installed LastPass extension - worked great
  • created a new profile “Test”, switched to it, closed all other windows from the “default profile”.
  • closed Brave
  • Opened brave - only my “Test” profile was showing - so no other profile should have been active
  • went to Task Manager - the “Last Pass” extension was showing in the Task Manager
  • I was surprised to see that extension loaded - now I can see if one profile that had it installed was also open, maybe - but after stopping everything and bouncing the browser - I might have expected Last pass to not show up
  • was hoping, since “not worrying about heavy-weight extensions” would be helpful in single-profile “at-a-time” scenario
  • Here is the screen shot of “test” profile only that did NOT have the Last Pass extension installed

Now maybe they are always loaded, I’m just not sure.

Happy to help investigate or poke at this if you like.


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