Do Brave for Linux updates require SUDO

I’m posting this question for a friend on another forum who just started using Brave for Linux:

“Today (9 feb) the Update Manager informed me that I has an update (to 121.0.6167.160) and Chrome needed a SUDO approval to update, while Brave already ran 121.0.6167.161 (since 7 feb) and did not ask for update approval. So it seems that Brave updates in the flatpak container. When this is true than Brave really offers an advantage over other Chrome/Chromium browsers in Linux.”

“Does Brave need SUDO to update in the flatpak?”

@jaybird I’m not one to be able to answer that as I’m limited on Linux. However, I did want to stop by to tell you that you can see everything for installing on Brave at The important aspect here is that the flatpak is unofficial and not handled by Brave. As such, I’m not sure how knowledgeable even Support would be on that version and its requirements.

I’ll tag in @Mattches and @JimB1 to see if either might be able to provide more direct answer on what you’re seeking. But in the meanwhile, just wanted to share that bit at least.

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