Do BAT grants still exist?

Hi, I’ve been on brave ( and brave rewards ) for a couple of months, and have been getting BAT, but I’ve never gotten or found any BAT grants. Can someone please explain to me how these work ? Is it because I’m on Mac ? Do they exist anymore ? Please help me.

I believe by the time I started in brave (almost 7 months ago) the bat grants was already stopped

Well when I looked it up on the internet it didn’t say if had stopped ( and if it had wouldn’t it have been publicly released ? Please can some administrators or something answer this question

I’m sure I read it somewhere in this forum and since I started using brave I never received Bat grants, so I think is right to assume they stopped giving them :upside_down_face:

Additionally, the fattest way to get the brave team to read your post is to tag one of them, like @Mattches (sorry dude, I know you may be very busy) for example.

Brave is not giving grants anymore.

@gmacar is correct – we are no longer giving out the monthly BAT grants as we were in the past. The best way for you to earn through Brave is opting into Brave Ads:


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