Do ads blocked by Brave Shields still count as viewed?

When I block an ad on a website with either Brave Shields or element block, does the ad still think it has been viewed? As in, will the website still get a “view” for the ad even though I haven’t seen the ad?

Edit: Referring to website ads, not Brave Ads. I have a website that I like and support, but its ads are very… IN YOUR FACE.

that’s not how brave ads work. lets say you go to youtube that website has a lot of ads but it doesnt mean you will earn BAT by watching youtube videos. brave has it own ads and its not affected by brave shield

No, it will not get a ‘view’. Ads are completely blocked by blocking network requests itself.

Extra ads, popus etc may slip through due to their very own nature. Here, they are not blocked but hidden from view by cosmetic filtering. Meaning, a popup may be shown but it is hidden from the users view.

Hello @ShadyGecko, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Ads from rewards and while browsing are two different things. in order to have a better understanding how our rewards system works and ads, please read:


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Thank you! Was wondering if they were network blocked or cosmetic blocked (referring to website ads, not Brave Rewards ads).

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