DNS leak on Android


I use a VPN via OpenVPN for Android. When I go to dnsleaktest.com or https://browserleaks.com/ip, my real IP address shows. Chrome for Android does not leak, neither does Firefox for Android for that matter.


What version of Brave are you using and which device & Android version?

I’m using Brave 1.0.12, on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Android 6.0.1.
I’m also using VPN PIA and had no leaks for Brave.

Did you do in-browser proxy settings for Chrome and Firefox?


Thank you for responding Alex. Here is the information you requested:
Brave Version: 1.0.12, Chromium 55.0.2883.91
Android Version: 5.1.1
Chrome (none leaking) version: 55.0.2883.91
OpenVPN for Android version: 0.6.64

I am using a Socks5 proxy on Firefox, but no proxy on Chrome. I also tried two different VPN providers, Mullvad & AirVPN and they both leak when using Brave.


@SuperSecret I’m going to check that with OpenVPN soon. Thanks.


Appreciate the update. I look forward to using Brave.


@SuperSecret, so as I understood it is fixed now right? And it was an OpenVPN issue?


I can’t say for absolutely sure that it was an OpenVPN issue. I received an OpenVPN update to 0.6.65, so I re-downloaded Brave and it is now at version 1.0.13. I can say that this issue is completely resolved, and your customer service is great!


@SuperSecret you are welcome!

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