Dns leak in brave

i have a oneplus 6t with brave installed when it is on wifi and only wifi does brave DNS leak to google server. if it is not on wifi there is no problem, I have tested with a huawai p30 it does not do dns leak in brave on wifi

Hello @3pac

do you use vpn ?

and have a nice day

yes on the router there is vpn. but the problem is there too even though i’m on wifi without vpn

first some vpn leak the dns but to check it could you give me the site you check for dns leak so i check it also

and have a nice day

when i’m on wifi all data traffic is through google.
but only on my oneplus 6t, not on a huawai p30

when you say the trafiic through google you mean that it use the google dns ?

if yes then maybe your vpn divert your dns to it or maybe you vpn does not provide dns as most do then they use your isp one which maybe they use google

and why huawai use differnt then it could has custom dns

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