DMCA Compliance And Copyright

To the moderator of this forum…

I have noticed many listings on Brave that infringe copyright and link to counterfeit content and software (including counterfeits of my own work).

It appears that there is no email address to send DMCA notices to Brave.

Please advise of your email for DMCA notices.

Thank you. I am now in contact with somebody from Brave, however it is obvious this browser is a magnet for pirates because they are making me jump through so many hoops to get counterfeit content removed.

Google have a DMCA control panel that allows counterfeits or illegal content to be removed with a simple auto-complete form and a few clicks. They are very efficient and remove offending listings in 2 days. On the other hand, Brave are making it incredibly difficult to remove pirate content by asking for my personal details including family home address.

If I was a criminal and wanted to set up a huge website selling counterfeit digital content or software, I would definitely go with Brave. They go out of their way to help pirates.

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