Distorted font (characters) in some webpages

Just wanted to add that although the distortion still occurs, it seems to now clear itself and not appear as often. I test using Community search. I notice if I drag the page scroll bar down quickly, the distortion occurs. It also occurs if I rapidly use the mouse wheel repeatedly but not as often. It is now correcting itself when I release the mouse wheel or scroll bar whereas before that was not a sure thing.

Just curious, is there some kind of “font cache”? Is that a thing? If so, could it be getting “glitched”? If not, go ahead and have a good laugh. :joy:

I know that a lot of users here are on Windows, but for anyone seeing this on macOS, can you please open the Font book application, click on the top-most font, hold Shift then click on the last font in the list (to select all fonts), then right click on them and select Validate and ensure that you get green checkmarks for all fonts.

Indeed. I notice this on the very page you are viewing now.

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I confirm.
Usually it happens when scrolling, and then vanishes.

Having the exact same problem here, most particularly on “wiki” style pages (although I have no idea why this would be.) The issue can be corrected by simply mousing over a hyperlink, at which point the text instantly renders as expected.

Arch Linux on kernel 6.1.7
Brave 1.47.171

One more example where Chrome does not have this problem:

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