Disqus not staying logged in across sites

I know Disqus uses cookies and even tracking scripts, that’s why Brave blocks it, but even having deactivated the Shield for disqus.com, help.disqus.com… all the existing Disqus sites, I can’t stay logged in across sites.
If I go on disqus.com I’m logged in, but I always have to manually reconnect in each comment section on different sites. That’s pretty annoying.
Any solutions ? Thx


Also notified the same. It works without any issues in Chrome/FF/Opera but need to login on every tab and page every time. It’s strange because when I click login Brave just opens popup and login without entering andy data, it just remembers disqus credentials but doesn’t login automatically. Please FIX :slight_smile:


I also have this problem. Need to press login everytime I want to comment something with Disqus.
As soon as I press login, its logged in, no password button or anyting,

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