Disqus login Issue


I am having issues with Brave Browser maintaining login state between subsequent visits of sites that have integrated disqus login. A site I commonly visit Android Police whenever I sign in to disqus it doesn’t reflect my login and only when I like a comment does the browser remember that I am logged in and then I can interact with comment section normally.

My sequence is I open up an article on Android Police, go to comment section, log in with Twitter, the login doesn’t reflect at all. It shows 1 notification as if I’m logged on but that’s not the real number of notifications. If I like any comment then a new tab is opened up and closed as it processes my login, then I am finally logged in. Back to home page for AP and select any article comment section and I am logged off again. I have to repeatedly like comments for me to use the comments sections normally each time I am on a new article or even if I refresh the current page.

I am v 1.0.37 of Brave Browser (Android 8.0 OP3) as of this post.


did you see this? Brave with Disqus behavior


I searched and read it but assumed it wasn’t related to my issue. Sure enough, I selected “Allow third-party cookies” and the problem is solved.