Disqus crashing Brave on login


To be specific, and this is to bring it to your attention because the problem may very well reside with Disqus and not Brave - but, that being stated; when I load a page that uses Disqus comments, the comments load fine and without problem. When I go to login using my Disqus login, most times (8 out of 10) Brave will crash. When I go to Windows Task Manager; there is no longer any instance of Brave running. Many times after the crash and I open the browser and go back to the page and attempt to login it will allow me to do so and without issue. It is usually on the first attempt to login by hitting the D icon which takes me to the redirect page with the gears. Not a big issue, but an issue all the same. Just bringing it to your attention.


Hi @mellochord

Could you provide the following information so we can investigate:
Windows Version
Brave Version (found by going to about:brave in a new tab)

Any example sites we could use to reproduce would be helpful.



Hi, And sorry about not including the pertinent info, must have slipped my mind.
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. Running on Sony Vaio FW590-FEB Laptop.
Brave v0.18.14dev

The sites that I comment on are few but the issue is the same for both sites:

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