Disposable Email Addresses


Provides the creation of disposable email from the right click menu, generates new tab with inbox for disposable address.

I use this extension in Chrome all the time.


Might wanna see the add-on permissions though. Is it Open source? I’m not familiar with the above extension so sorry if Im wrong somewhere.

There are privacy focused temporarily mail provider available too :slight_smile: Guerrilla mail comes on top of the mind. Might wanna checkout temp-mail.org too :slight_smile:


Has options for 4 providers (dispostable, mail-catch, mailinator, harakirimail).

I’m not particularly tied to this specific extension, more concerned with the ability to use disposable email addresses, and not have to pay for a service like Blur to do it

This particular extension allows for it to happen on the fly, from the right-click menu.


Ohkayy! So it’s a client basically.
I’m pretty sure Devs would have to go through through inspection of this extension before allowing it to the store. It sure is a procedure that can consume a decent amount of time.