Displays inaccurate time

When I searched what time Central Standard Time was currently, an inaccurate time was shown. Daylight savings is not taken into consideration. I had an important job interview where there was a time difference from CST to EST and because of this misinformation I missed the interview. Unfortunately when I typed the same question regarding Central Standard Time into google chrome, the correct time was reflected. Details are important and for these reasons I will no longer be utilizing this web browser.

What search engine did you use to look up the time?

I used Brave’s search bar

Meaning you used Brave’s search engine? That is, search.brave.com? Or did you have another engine set as your default?

Yes I used Brave’s search engine, it was set as my default search engine.

Looks like I’m seeing this issue as well. I’ve reached out to our search team to confirm whether or not it is a known issue.

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Confirmation of being a known issue or not does not amount to any sort of remedy for the issue explained above

Well, CST is displaying correctly… CDT has the correct daylight savings time. Most of the “time” sites I’ve seen display both. I don’t know when CDT became a “standard”, most my clocks reset automatically.

Well, what does this have to do with the issue explained above? If a reiteration is required, Central Standard Time was displayed inaccurately when searched through Brave’s search engine and displayed correctly when searched through google chrome. Saying most sites usually show both times is irrelevant.

In addition, Central Daylight Time becomes a standard after daylight savings

Well, if you just typed in CST and all that displayed was CST then your display was correct. When I type CST in Chrome or Brave, I see both CST and CDT if the actual time is displayed externally to clicking a site. I do not know why yours displays only CST. I was just observing that CST probably was displaying correctly. CDT takes into consideration daylight savings, not CST.

OK, just tried something different. When I enter “CST time” vs just CST, in both Chrome and Brave, the times displayed are different. This could get very confusing! So, seems like CST = CST and “CST time” = CDT in Chrome and CST in Brave? Wonder where that one is explained…

Edit: Just tried another. Entering just “time” in Brave, displays the correct CDT time based on my location. “CST time” in brave displays CST and is not based on my location.

P.S. I probably should have kept my observations to myself on this one. :rofl: