Displaying Twitter Posts In New Tab Does Not Work



I’m using Brave on a Macintosh. version: 0.22.810; V8:; rev: 8f30eeb

In Twitter, when you click on a tweet, it opens as a pop-up screen directly on the Twitter feed; you click on the X at the top right or anywhere outside of the popped-up post to return to the feed.

On every other browser, when I do a control-click on the tweet, it will open in a new tab. In Brave, the new tab is blank, although the tab does have the correct title.


@mbabco Thanks for reporting the issue. I am able to reproduce this issue on Windows 10 x86 as well.
I am going to log new defect in GitHub, please refer the below Github issue link for your reference, also you can track this issue here.



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