Display Weather at new tabs

It’s a good idea to add to Brave , an icon that shows the weather in the new blank tabs , as Opera and Edge chromium have. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s handy, and a helpful feature, But the problem with something like this, you’re introducing a third-party (accuweather, weather.com, google etc), and it’s third-party tracking.

Might be easier to install a weather extension instead

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Provide the selectable icon; however allow the user to select the weather program in a similar fashion where the user selects a search engine. Brave might set one up by default, however the user could then change it if desired.
(Or, simply provide a selection button for any website that the user desires. Similar to a bookmark …)
Excuse me as a newbie, but I would like to make a layout suggestion to move the tab closure icon to the left side of the tab box where presently for the rightmost tab box the X icon (tab closure) and the + icon (new tab) buttons are right next to each other making it difficult to select between the two button icons on a small screen.
Thank you
PS: recently started using Brave and really like it, thanks a lot.

I install the “productivitytab” extension from Google Chrome. :+1: