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In MacOS Mojave, there is a small problem with using Brave in Dark Mode. When sharing a link via Messages, the background of the text is so dark that it is almost impossible to read. Somehow Brave is sending the information to Messages in a way that does not work well with Dark Mode. Obviously not a deal breaker, and I still love Brave and use it exclusively, but hopefully it is not a big deal to fix.



You’re probably going to get a request to repost using the template (this, I believe), and you really should at least post your OS version (About This Mac from Apple menu, and yes, you said Mojave, but it’s currently 10.14.3 and maybe not everyone is up to date) and Brave version (type/paste brave://version in address bar).

That said, I tried to reproduce what you’re describing on my system (MacOS X 10.14.3, MacBook Air 2015) in Brave (Version 0.60.45 Chromium: 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit) released today) with Mojave’s Dark Mode and Brave’s Dark mode both enabled and got this in the browser window:

and this in Messages:

Then I tried it in Brave Dev (Brave: 0.62.6 Chromium: 73.0.3683.39 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)) with Mojave’s Dark Mode and Brave’s Dark Mode plus an extension (Dark Night Mode 2.0.5) that imposes dark themes across the webiverse (or tries, anyway) and had no change in what Messages shows, while getting this in the browser:

I thought it might be a settings issue for the color of the font used in the OS or Brave, or maybe for including formatting in stuff copied to the clipboard, but I don’t see any settings like that in Brave or in Mojave’s settings. I yield to those with better KungFu and wish you luck.



Would you mind grabbing a screenshot of how it looks on your end?



Here’s a screen shot of attempting to send a link to this page using Messages. At least I think it’s here. I dragged it to this space, but I don’t see the photo, just some gibberish! If this didn’t work, let me know and I’ll try again!



Also, I’m using MacOS 10.14.3.



And Brave Version 0.60.45 Chromium: 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)



Looks like Mojave’s Dark Mode isn’t engaged for Messages somehow. I don’t know how that would be, but could that be it? System Preferences --> General --> Appearance: Dark

Notice how Messages in my screenshot above is dark, but in yours it doesn’t appear to be? Weird.



Mojave’s Dark Mode is definitely on. The Messages window that shows up when I try to share a site using Brave is not dark, though, as you can see in my screen shot.



Is the Messages window dark elsewhere? You’ve probably already tried this, but have you tried quitting and restarting both? I mean, that’s really weird.



I’m sorry for your troubles but I don’t think this is a Brave centered issue. I think you’d be better off reaching out to a macOS or Apple form somewhere.



I don’t understand how it can not be a Brave-centered issue. Here are two screen shots of attempting to send a link to the same page via Messages – one from Safari and one from Brave. As you can see, the Safari one displays normally, while the Brave one does not.

Is there a setting in Brave that might be causing a problem? It doesn’t matter whether Brave colors are set to Light or Dark.



Also, I tried quitting and restarting Brave, and restarting the computer, neither of which affected the problem. I also quit two programs I use that affect the display: Haze Over, and Flux. This, too, had no effect.



Wow., even weirder. The circumstances do suggest Brave is a factor, but I just can’t reproduce it, and apparently neither can @Mattches. So, a couple thoughts come to mind for trouble shooting:

  • Do any other applications behave in similar fashion when switching from Brave to it?Maybe another messaging app, like Adium, or another Apple application like TextEdit into which you can paste stuff?

  • This might be more out there, but do you have any extensions that affect the clipboard? The thought here is that the formatting is kept and somehow flips things in Messages, but it seems farfetched.

  • This is probably even more out there, but do you have a window manager like Mosaic or VEER or maybe some kind of other that might dictate specific behaviors for applications wrt appearance?

In fact, maybe you can private message me a complete list of your extensions and background apps you run (I like a puzzle and have actually done informal Mac IT support, meaning I’m not trained by Apple but have learned enough to help and to be dangerous :slight_smile:)


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