Display incorrectly blocked images


Images are incorrectly hidden on some sites (e.g. https://theringer.com/2017-nba-free-agency-brooklyn-nets-sean-marks-rebuild-3fce04d43053) - presumably the adblock function is miscategorising them. UI to allow display blocked content would be good, report incorrectly blocked content better, and update to the adblock would be best.

Adblock browser correctly shows the images.


Hi @dunxd

What are your shield settings? I opened the link above on my device with the shield settings below and I am seeing images as expected.



I had fingerprinting enabled. I turned it off and refreshed page, but no
change. My settings are the same as yours now.

It’s affecting all sites in medium.com. other browsers showing the content

I’m in the UK, in case there is a regional aspect to this.


Thanks @dunxd

Here is a thread related to medium.com and Fingerprinting protection. We found that if Fingerprinting protection is enabled by default in settings and you turn it off at the site level (from the Bravery icon) the change is not properly taking effect. I have logged an issue for this (which is mentioned in the last comment on the thread below), does this sound like your issue?


That seems to be it. After I completely disabled fingerprinting in settings
the images appear.

And the opposite also seems to apply - with fingerprinting on in the site
menu the images appear.



Thanks for confirming @dunxd

I’ll add your information to the github issue. I’m going to close this thread for now since we have an issue logged, but please open new threads with questions/issues. Thanks for reporting this issue!


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