Display glitches in Google spreadsheets


When viewing spreadsheets at docs.google.com/spreadsheets, I’ve noticed some weird formatting issues in Brave, specifically:

*Right-aligned text values are being superimposed over the right border of their cells, making them difficult to read.
*Center-aligned text appears to the right of center, sometimes unnecessarily flowing into the cell to its right.
*When a text cell overflows into the cell to the right and the cell to the right also contains text, the text from the 2 cells are superimposed making both impossible to read, instead of the normal behavior of the right cell only displaying its own text.

Here’s a spreadsheet with examples of all 3 issues: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wb_z6nyxque43oIM_AeD2WPuK-QkH_tXDvApOhAS8l4/copy

Google Sheets, Text Format, Overflow and Text Wrap Errors

I’ve been having the same issue and would love to see a fix for it.


Hi @Nekoatl and @sf3z

Could you check and see if you have ‘Block All Fingerprinting’ selected when navigated to a Google Sheet? If so, could you click on the lion icon and change it to another option and see if that solves your issue?



That fixed it, thanks, and sorry for the late reply.


Thanks @Nekoatl for reporting back! Going to close this thread for now. Please open new ones for other issues or questions you have.


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