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Bookmarks folder appears in bookmarks position, but individual bookmarks are not shown in the bar itself, only in drop down menu. How can I display frequently used individual bookmarks in the toolbar?


Hi @sheldonkatz,

What do you mean about this? Screenshot will help.
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Hey @sheldonkatz,

I’m not quite sure how to accomplish it automatically, that is displaying your “frequently used” bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar, as you asked.

However I do know that if you are referring to your bookmarks in a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar, then from that dropdown that is seen, click and drag the ones you want to the place on the toolbar. You can also reorder folders and bookmarks in the same way.

At this time, (Version 0.18.36), this re-ordering of individual bookmarks isn’t possible to do from the Bookmarks Manager page although it does allows other actions such as folder drag and drop. This is at least on my Mac running Sierra; have not tested on Windows. (Access it either from main menu or shortcut Alt + Command + B on Mac and Windows I believe it is Ctrl + Shift + O.)

Hope this helps!

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