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If this issue is still reproduced, let’s try to find concrete steps to reproduce it, so that the team could fix that :+1:


Hi all! The problem with the video playback lag in fullscreen is still present on my system. I run Brave 0.19.80 under Linux Manjaro.
It always occures about 5-10 seconds after I hit fullscreen on the youtube player. If I watch the video not in fullscreen, but in the default size, it runs without lag. When I try the same video in fullscreen with firefox, it works just fine…

An interesting observation:
When I first watch some time not in fullscreen, then switch to fullscreen for a while and then switch back and then scrub through the cached part of the timeline the following happens: watching in default size the section where I turned fullscreen on is also lagging (even in default size), while the other sections run smoothly. So it seems that it has cached that laggy video playback…

Steps to reproduce on my system:

  • go to any video on youtube
  • start watching it without fullscreen. Then while watching switch to fullscreen mode.
  • now the video should start to heavily lag after about 10 seconds
  • continue a bit and exit fullscreen mode
  • now scrub back in the timeline and watch again not in fullscreen mode the already cached parts

Some info about my system:

  • Brave 0.19.80
  • Linux Manjaro (up to date)
  • Desktop Environment: Xfce 4
  • none open source graphics driver (video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee)
  • Intel Core i7 4710 MQ
  • Nvidia GTX 765M
  • Linux Kernel: 4.4.88

If you need more information just tell me what I should provide.


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