Discussion: polldaddy.com


This issue is for discussion about the web compatibility issue reported below:

The issue can be fixed by disabling the shield.

If the widget does not work even by doing so, let us know :smile:


Hi there!

I was redirected to this thread from the GH issue. The example URL with the Polldaddy poll, survey, and rating that you created (thank you for that!) is here:


I am able to see all three if I turn on ads and tracking in Brave.

However, Polldaddy has no tracking, and itโ€™s not ads, so I was wondering if itโ€™s possible to enable Polldaddy code when safely browsing, as well.

Thanks for hearing me out!


Thanks for providing an example!

Iโ€™m wondering if Polldaddy widget tracks users over the sites where the widget is embedded. @luke.mulks would you let us know what would you think?

In a future the exclusion list will be implemented (I cannot promise when it will be implemented). After that you would be able to choose to exclude polldaddy scripts from tracking globally.