[Discussion] How can we better respect privacy from a marketing perspective?

Hello Brave Community (pun intended),

I’d like to start a dialogue in the community regarding marketing techniques that would NOT disrespect privacy. I’m interested in the optimistic side of social media and internet connectivity, while I’m also concerned about privacy issues.

I’m studying how to build a social media marketing agency, while at the same time, interested in privacy rights. This will be a challenge, as it seems to me, the most successful of online marketing involves invasion of privacy, whether intentional or not.

In other words, as a beginner, could you in this community point me in the direction of the right questions to ask and the right terminology to study, regarding - how to say - more ethical and responsible means of marketing?

For example, say a client would be a local organic dog food business. How would I hypothetically guide them to grow exposure, while at the same time, avoiding techniques that disrespect privacy? Say for example, that the company paid for an advertisement on a social media platform that would target users who specifically opted-in to post the city they currently live in, while refusing to have the social media platform target users based on location data (even if the user opted-in on sharing location data, possibly unknowingly).

I’m happy to join this community, and I’m looking forward to collaborating and contributing.

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