Discrepancy in Brave Rewards and Uphold Wallet

Hi there!
I’ve noticed, that my Uphold Wallet is holding less BAT than Brave Rewards is showing. BAT was credited regularly to me on the 5th of every month.
I don’t know how to explain this…
When I click on the little ‘Brave Rewards’ icon next to the search tab, the BAT shown there is 62.252 . Then I click on ‘Wallet verified’, then ‘Go to Uphold account’ and the BAT there is 15.252.
The amount on the ‘Brave Rewards’ Icon increases with each ‘payment date’, but the one in the Uphold Wallet does not…

To note - All the BAT is from ADs. It is from a 3-5 months pile. I just noticed the difference.
– Windows 8.1; Brave Browser Version on today’s date 23/12/20 - v1.18.75.

Can You tell me am I not getting something, or there is an issue… or something else?

Thank You for Your Time!!!

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