Discourse: Why is the “accessibility” tag not supported for “Desktop Support - Browser Support”?

See the screenshot here:

Please use the tag to specify your OS/platform. Please be descriptive in your issue reporting and provide all the information requested in the editor.

Thank you.

OK, but you have ignored my question. This is an important tag. Why is this not allowed?

We currently use tags to specify OS/platform — not specific issue details.

You still have not answered my question. I understand that you are currently using only the available tags. There is no need to state the obvious. My question, which is an implicit request to allow essential tags, was still not answered. Why do you not want to use essential tags?

Would it not be useful to be able to filter for bugs, other issues (accessibility, usability, etc. problems) and less relevant issues like simple questions?
I don’t understand your resistance to improve the usage of Discourse for yourself and other users. You can’t expect casual posters to read all topics to find a relevant topic if you don’t support essential tags.

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