Discordapp.com Doesn't Work With Brave Browser


The browser application doesn’t work at all. The invite links don’t work at all.

Yes I know that discordapp.com invite function doesn’t work quite right for FireFox but I’m pretty sure you can at least login to the browser app.

This is a very important tool for not just gaming but a lot of communication in general. It would work properly with the Brave Browser.

I looked on GitHub and didn’t see any topic for working on this issue either.

Update: I figured out that the Brave Shield is what’s causing the interference. I’m not sure what aspect of it but it’s certainly something to look into and to try and improve if possible.


Hi @DarthLizardWizard,

Just to make sure, are you enable fingerprinting protection? If you enable it, you can disable it for discord via lion icon in top-right.


After some testing, turning everything off then turning stuff on one at a time, it seems like the Fingerprinting Protection is the only thing that’s causing interference with discordapp.com

I do know that Fingerprinting Protection can cause interference. It’s good to know what sites break when it’s on.

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