Disconnected from Facebook each time I close Brave

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Description of the issue:
Each time I navigate to Facebook Website I’ve to reconnect. If I close the tab and reopening it it works, but if I close Brave I will have to reconnect.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Open Brave
  2. Navigate to Facebook
  3. Login to facebook
  4. Close brave
  5. Reopen Brave
  6. Navigate to facebook

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Facebook asks for login

Expected result:
Facebook keeps the connection

Reproduces how often:

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 11 Pro - Brave v1.60.118

Additional Information:

All Other website seems to work correctly (Twitter / Reddit / Twitch / Google, …)
All options in “On Exit” tab in the Clear data menu are unchecked.
In general Settings, Facebook is set to be always authorized to use cookies

It’s seems the problem is “facebook do not retain the browser” (or the browser is a new one for facebook pov)

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@Damgot Go to facebook and share a screenshot of your Shields widget settings, which is the lion. Example is below:

Also, are you using any extensions?

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Thanks for your answer

Sorry it’s in french, but the shield is disabled :

Yes I’m using extensions :

  • Automatic Twitch: Drops, Moments and Points
  • Launcher for Drive (google)
  • Star Citizen CCU Game

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@Damgot I was going to place a bet that you turned on Forget me when I close this site or that you had Block Cookies enabled. But with that turned off, it seems that isn’t the case.

Could you either try a new profile without those extensions to see if it happens? Or perhaps disable/remove the extensions and see if the issue persists?

It is probably easier to create a new profile.

Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile. Name it whatever you want and then make sure you are in new profile. This will create a second instance of the browser using default settings and no active extensions.

If it doesn’t log you out of Facebook in this, then it is a good suggestion this is because of one of those extensions. You can add one at a time to new profile until you have issues or you can remove from main browser profile.

Either way, it will be helpful to know if this makes any difference.

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No it doesn’t work.

  1. I created a new profile, without any change (so shield was active)
  2. I connected to facebook and registered the browser (in the facebook small message after connection)
  3. I closed Brave
  4. I opened Brave and selected my new profile
  5. Brave automatically loaded facebook (as the default config is to load previous tab)
  6. Facebook asked me to login again

I do the same but whith Shield disabled and the problem is the same.

So it’s seems it’s not coming from extensions :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Thanks for trying that @Damgot. I was hoping for simpler answer. When I check from my browser, I do not have this issue. It keeps me logged in on Facebook.

And if it is happening with you on a new profile, then it seems it shouldn’t be your settings either. About the only things that would persist in a new profile would be any changes you made to brave://flags and anything in your Content Filtering in Shields.

While I might be wrong, this makes it feel like you have a firewall or 3rd party program (like a CCleaner or Avast Cleaner) that might be erasing the data. The only other thing is if you might be using a VPN or something, where Facebook is thinking you’re using a different device when you return.

One of the other things though might be your Facebook settings, though I’m not quite sure what it would be. I know there are tons of little settings, such as if you go to https://accountscenter.facebook.com/password_and_security but not sure if there’s anything in particular there.

I guess only other thing to check…

@fanboynz you have any other thoughts here?

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Similar to this Facebook: Need to re login after i close brave! - #11 by harada ?

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Perhaps. Are you focused more on 2FA or more on idea of it checking VPN locations? Or something else that might be going on?


  • Are you using VPN?

  • Do you have 2FA enabled for Facebook?

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No I don’t use Avast or CCleaner. I’m only use Eset Nod32.
And on Chrome everything worked well (I’m no longer using chrome since I use Brave)

However I’ve checked brave://flags and I saw that some options was not in default state.
So I’ve made a “Reset all” and now it seems it works.

But I never changed any option in brave://flags (I’ve never seen this page before). I started to use Brave one week ago and I’ve imported Chrome settings when brave asked me.
So maybe these settings were changed during de settings import.

I don’t really know which setting cause the issue because there is a lot of possibilities ^^.
But the “Reset all” seems to have fixed the problem.

I will wait some days to be sure Facebook keeps well my login but after multiple try (close and open brave) it seems it works

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No I’m not using a VPN, but I have 2FA enabled for facebook (SMS)

I can confirm that it’s now working.

The solution was to click on the “reset all” button on the brave://flags page.

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