Disconnect old Wallets

I’ve format my computer few times and now I see that i can’t connect wallet on my device with Uphold wallet. How to disconnect wallets when I don’t have access to them?

This is what ya do…download beta brave browser …stop using this browser because there is all kinds of problems that are not getting properly addressed by support …just forget about whatever BAT you have earned because youll never get uphold wallet verified using this browser so cant get it ne ways… i have been using beta for a few days now without any problems verifying Gemini wallet also started getting ads again (they stopped coming with other browser) also beta is a bit faster then other browser…just trying to save you a bunch of headaches with trying to get any where with support here…they lied to me and blew me off …i believe you earn a bit more BAT with beta too!!! Cheers Mate!!!


And you can tell that after a few days?

You dont get more rewards on Beta. Its the exact same. You only get updates a little earlier. But the early updates might not be stable.
That is the only difference. Getting ads again is mostly because you had a fresh brave install. Not because of beta.

And a way to remove old devices is on the way.

Meanwhile you can use this to get an old device removed


Well either way beta works a whole heck of alot better for me then the original …as far as the tool i have been hearing this for 2 months now !!!

Yea it is been a while. But progress was made. So we will get it eventually.

Thanks I will send my request!

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Hi @ef118d71124662132c9b, welcome to Community!

When you are connecting your wallet to Uphold, are you getting a wallet limit error?
If you would like to put in a request to remove a wallet, please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

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