Disconnect from Uphold

I posted a topic regarding my Brave reward on my android devices, which are connected to Uphold. I actually contacted Uphold support service and they told me I can’t verify my account on Uphold unless I obtain a passport, which is the required ID for verification from Japan, and unfortunately I don’t have one at the moment.

However, I noticed that when I log in to the Uphold account, it does say that Brave Brower is linked to the wallet, but I see no assets there: it is still on my browser.

I’ve already reset my devices’ regional settings to Japan, but the browser still says I should have my wallet verified on Uphold. Anything I can do to have my reward deposited into an external wallet?

In other words, I would like to get disconnected from Uphold since they don’t have an option to verify my account, and have it reconnected to Bitflyer, the official Japanese partner for Brave. Let me know if there’s any solutions to it.

The assets will only appear in uphold when you have officially KYC’ed with them. If you have created just an account and connected with uphold with brave it will say true but no BAT will be deposited.

In Uphold there will be some option in settings where you can disconnect. Or in brave browser just normally disconnect from uphold. And then connect with Bitflyer. Your funds will likely get deposited in Bitflyer.

(Some of things above mentioned might be incorrect, wait and see what other users say.)

Thanks for the reply.
I could successfully disconnect from my Uphold account.

Actually, I noticed that the android version of Brave in Japan still does NOT offer linking with Bitflyer, so maybe I have to look for another crypto exchange / wallet where I can deposit my BAT into.

Anyway, thank you for your kind support.

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