Disconnect Brave wallet from Uphold and connect a new Wallet

Recently I have changed my mobile phone (Android, and I have disconnected old wallet from Uphold before changing) and I wanted to connect Brave wallet in my new Android (Xiaomi device) to Uphold, But when I try to connect new wallet to uphold, it fails to verify and shows verify button again and Brave crashes.

I have 4 Brave wallets connected to Uphold and I have disconnected old Android wallet in order to connect my new one. Is there a waiting time until wallet is really disconnected or Is there a way to disconnect wallet from Uphold?

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They said even when you disconnect a wallet, its still count.

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There is no way to remove old devices. Even if you log out of the device like you said you had done, it is still a lifetime device slot eaten up on Uphold. There is nothing that can be done at this time unfortunately.

You could try Gemini wallet, however, there is also a 4 device limit as well

Yes, too Bad. Gemini is not supported in my country. Can understand having 4 device limit to protect the platform, but there should be a way to disconnect a wallet, because people do change devices quite regularly.

It is indeed a problem that needs to be fixed but there is nothing that I know of so far. It is truly strange with people routinely buying new phones or reformatting computers that we have no way to delete older devices no longer being used. There should at least be a cooldown period of a few days to even a month to stop people from farming BAT if that is the concern.

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