Disconcerting that Brave are advertising for Cryptocurrencies in general

When Brave are advertising for cryptocurrencies in general, in this case though, Energi Cryptocurrency, which you are bombarding us with at the moment, you are staking your reputation that Energi is a sound investment. I thought the Brave Add’s would be trustworthy, which it isn’t if you push adds like these down our throats. Just alone the name “Energi”, is to mislead people to be thinking of the environment and the green new deal.
…and no…i’m not a troll, I’m actually just an objective and concerned user. This is also why I’m not promoting any other cryptocurrency, that also provides the same “new” technologies which Energi provides. It’s just a problem when people are misled on the internet, by using buzz words like Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Energi. I just feel that these guys just want to relaunch their Energi currency, using the hype around environmental topics right now. Their “project” just don’t give anything new to the cryptocurrencies. But it is an easy way to earn a ton of money. I’m not saying this is a scam, I just don’t see how add’s like these, aligns with how the Brave browser tries to build a reputation of protecting it´s user on the internet.

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