Disappointed with Brave

So I’ve been hearing of this browser for months now and I was quite skeptical… in the end I decided to try it out.

Well, to my surprise, it managed to disappoint me before it even started!

Really, I cannot select an installation directory? so if I am in a laptop with an almost full 64 GB SSD but with a plenty of space free 1 TB HD I still have to install it into the SSD unless I do mess with windows link (I’ve read a “workaround” but I am not tech savvy ) or some other technical stuff?

Well done Brave, well (not) done. To fail before even starting, you sure managed to impress me.

I’ve been using this browser for nearly a month? now. I’ve had nothing but positive things to say, including

Really, my biggest aversion to advertising is speed and performance. Ads do tend to use valuable resources on your computer. Since I’ve switched to brave, not only have I had significantly better performance and less network usage, but I’ve also been making a tiny bit of money from non-invasive sidebar banners. Brave is your all-in-one go-to closer for the 9th inning. This browser is fantastic, and I’m personally promoting it to all of my friends.

So I understand why people do tend to fall in love with the browser. However, to get back to your post, all good things come at a cost. Most* programs and active files load faster and perform with much less bottlenecking on SSD. There’s a reason that HDD is used for photos and static storage more than SSD, and that is because SSD is a valuable resource due to its efficiency. I might be wrong, because I’m no brave developer, but I also believe that Brave utilizes one of the SSD’s coolest features - flash memory.

Tl;dr - I don’t know why it isn’t available on HDD, but there are many apps unable to be utilized with HDD. SSD, while having a higher price/gb, is probably a part of what makes brave function as well as it does. Reading and writing from/onto SSD increases efficiency in 99*% of cases

AND no menu bar. An improvement, based on Crapium, from the home of the spycreeps.