Disappearing controls as a feature


Disappearing controls as a feature.
Confused with why the disappearing URL bar at top?
I need refresh constantly for development and it is annoying to mouse over to view then find to click…
Show close x in tab as it only appears on mouse over.

Give users command over your browser, don’t hide stuff, unless user preference.
Simplicity is under rated these days, you can’t be all to everyone.
Basic stuff really.



+1 Would be great to have a way to lock the URL bar.

Will add: when a UI element changes drastically (change in color, position, border, AND icons displayed) when I move my mouse away, my attention is drawn back to the moving object and away from where I was trying to go. It’s pretty distracting. And as markyg points out, it’s hard to aim the cursor towards a button when that button has disappeared and doesn’t reappear in a predictable location (because lock icon and title bar move).


Oh phew, there IS a way to lock it. Preferences -> URL Bar Options -> Always Show. Never mind. :slight_smile:

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