Disappearing BAT?

When I shut down last night I had nearly $1 USD in BAT. This morning, it’s gone, and I’ve started over. It’s not in my verified Gemini wallet. Where did it go to?


I think that’s how it works. It should show up in your Gemini account in a couple of days. They should have a place that shows that and I’m sure they do but I don’t know where that is so I’m no help, sorry!

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Hmm. Didn’t I? I thought I did. What did I miss?

lol instead of actually helping, it’s this useless reply.

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@kudz lol … Just what I was thinking but didn’t have the balls to post.

Well, today is Oct 10, 2021, and my BAT still hasn’t shown up in my Gemini account. Is it supposed to generate a wallet in my Gemini portfolio when the BAT is deposited?

October 11, 2021, and still no BAT in Gemini.

October 12, 2021, and still no BAT in Gemini.