Disappearing BAT from browser

I have noticed that the BAT I earn on my browser randomly disappears. I now keep screenshots just in case it happens again, which it did.

This is how much when I started my browsing.

And this is after a little browsing time.

Please explain what is going on. This is what makes me lose confidence in this browser.

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again this happens…



Why does it take away BAT earned?? Cannot trust this browser. keeps happening

No help on my issue, just a reply in RUSSIAN?? I am typing in English and have to copy and paste to understand, and still don’t understand.

Reset browser cache etc. Might help. Nobody can just take bats out of your rewards wallet. This could possibly be a bug.

Мои русском, одчин плохо. Дело Гугл переводчик.

yes, I’m thinking it’s a bug that keeps happening.

Same happening

i lost o.638 bat

You did not. This is normal for a payment cycle. The number the reward panel shows you is not 100% correct. It is all somewhat estimated. But close to the actual number.
I reckon when payout cycle begins it does a quick check and readjusts the bat number.
And while it’s processing after it calculates the exact value that will get send to your uphold etc.

Most of the times I receive more than any number in the browser shows me.

Like before payout I see for example 6bat. The it says processing estimate 5.3bat. and what arrives at my uphold is more like 7bat.

Now this is not optimal because it won’t show you exact numbers before it arrives at uphold etc. But this is just how it works.

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seems odd since I would have thought that when this was created, there was some kind of math calculation the browser program would initiate for the payout and not an estimate. :thinking:

and also…

earlier today:

and right now:

@amarquez808 when I notice that happens to me I inmediately close the browser and clear the cache using a third party application.

90% of the time the amount showed came back to normal

Why does this happen? I don’t know

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