Disappeared 10+ BAT and Not get july 6th reward Payment

Not get last july 6th payment

Also couple of days back lost (10+) BAT from this same account

Am using Android Phone with OS Android 6

Region :- India

Using Brave latest browser

Thanks in Advance…

Same happened with me.

Go to this link and post your issue and then DM Steeven.

Did you check your Uphold wallet? Is Auto-contribute turned-on?

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Am not a verified user, Now my account have only 17 Bat, Need 25 to verify.

No, it’s off

Before July 6 my wallet have 17 BATs and my expected earning have 10+ BATs. Suddenly my expected earning decreased to 1 BAT, Also I didn’t get any BAT as July earning. So still my account have only 17 BATs.

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